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What is an Explainer Video?

what is explainer video

Do you know what’s currently trending in the digital world? – Everything revolves around video and not just any type of video, but one of the most efficient in promoting your business – the explainer video. First of all, let’s see what type of video is an explainer video. It has several characteristics that will help you identify it.

And what’s most important is that this video is a short animated video that explains a business idea in a simple and engaging way, using appealing visuals and through clear and concise language conveys the message and grabs the viewer’s attention. It is exactly that – an explainer video, it’s informational and explains what the company offers, how it can help their consumers and also provides information about a product or a service.

What makes an explainer video?

How can you actually recognize this video? What does it contain that makes it different from an ordinary marketing video?

Well, for starters, it’s short, usually not longer than 1 minute and it gives precise information on ‘what’, ‘how’ and ‘why’. It is focused on the target audience and it speaks to them, it meets their needs and makes them feel that they can identify with the product or the company. The interesting feature is the animation part, where animated characters are explaining the product and conveying the message. The creators of the explainer video should also have in mind the company’s brand colors and implement them in the video – it has to have the brand’s look and feel for better identification of the product. Not to forget the voice-over artist who is the instructor in the video and explains each feature or characteristic of the product through special sound effects that make this video interactive.

Benefits of creating an explainer video for your company

There are many reasons why creating this type of video would mean a great return of investment for you and you probably wonder why the world went crazy for it. Research shows that it is one of the 12 most engaging types of videos that people love to watch, in the animation part. Well, read these 4 benefits that you would get from making an explainer video.

Conveys your message in the shortest time possible

One of the main feature of the explainer video is being short. Nowadays, people avoid watching long and dull videos, they always prefer choosing shorter ones where they would catch the meaning and idea in the first minute or two. Having in mind that people’s attention span is only 8.25 seconds long, you definitely need to go for a short and concise video to tell your story. Otherwise, people would lose interest in what you have to say in 5 minutes long story.

Getting more conversions

This goes in line with the above-mentioned length of the video. If it is short, it captures your audience’s attention and with that, it increases their interest. If your audience is interested this means that you have more chances of increased conversions. Studies show that explainer videos can grow your conversions by 20%!

Video content will boost your online visibility

Creating videos will engage your audience. If you do that with short explainer videos, your audience will love to stay longer on your website, watch your videos, and help you with online visibility. Also, your videos can be published on other platforms, such as YouTube and your ranking will be higher.

Brand awareness

When you use the look and feel of your brand in the videos, any viewer will be able to recognize it when watching the videos. Even after 5 seconds of the video, your audience will recognize your brand, and half of the work is done for you. Furthermore, if you create the characters in your animated video similar to your buyer’s persona, it will be easier for your buyers to identify themselves and feel that they can trust your brand and product.

Choose your video production partner wisely

Okay, you are convinced. You are ready to create your first explainer video. Naturally, the next question is who can help you produce a high-quality animated video to showcase your product in a cost-effective way? – Don’t despair, we have the solution. Ignite Global Media is the partner you are looking for. They operate globally, have a network of professionals who can help you create any type of video, and have competitive prices. You don’t have to spend a fortune to get excellent service and a good product.

Call them and get your team!

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