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5 Tips On Successful Content Marketing

Content, content, content… we can not just stress enough the importance of having valuable content marketing for your target audience! It makes or breaks the image of your brand.

It provides value to your customer or it presents just one more piece of information that they are going to scroll and neglect. And who wants that? At least you don’t, right?

The first step to improving your content marketing game is to actually take a step back and reflect on your up-to-date work. Ask yourself these two questions:

  1. Is my current content providing real value to my customers?
  2. If I were in the place of the customers I am trying to target, would I be really interested in learning more about that product/service?

If your answer was, intuitively, yes, then you can stop reading here and go on with your day as you have it all under control. But if your answer was no or you contemplated a bit longer then you are at the right place! Hear us out and our suggestions on what you have to do to have superb content that works best for your target audience!

1. “Figure out” your TA

I know, I know…“Know your target audience” is something you must have heard about a million times but that is solely because it is EXTREMELY important. Indeed, demographic characteristics such as sex, age, occupation, location are important but the only way to truly understand and “figure out your customers” is to dig deeper. After you have found those basic characteristics, tell your colleagues to help you out in that process as they would give you different perspectives. Ask them to imagine that they are your target audience and have an honest conversation with them. Understand what kind of posts capture their attention – is it video, pictures, articles, funny posts, etc.? Find the kind of pages they follow, the things they are passionate about, and the topics they are interested in. Make figuring out your target audience a priority.

2. Ignite them!

Be daring and original. Chances are there are multiple companies offering the same services as you, targeting the same audience. So, how will you stand out if you provide the same boring mediocre information they are offering? You have to get them to talk about you, so don’t be scared to be a bit provocative. Negative or positive, it would still bring some reaction in them and they would want to hit the Like/Dislike button or even comment on it. Do not think of hitting the dislike button in a negative way because it presents you with the opportunity to engage with them and get into a conversation. Make them change their mind.

3. Befriend them

Engaging with your target audience is a crucial step if you want to actually “keep them”. Look at your potential customer as an interesting person you meet at a bar and you want to make a conversation with them. The only way to do that is to go up to that person and talk to them. Well, it is the same with your TA, just, of course, you don’t meet them face-to-face. Like, comment and have a conversation with them. It is really just that simple and it is what makes content marketing successful.

4. Stalk them

…figuratively speaking. Know their schedule so as to time your posts in a strategic way. Find what time they have their daily breaks and avoid posting then. Post right after as there is a higher chance that they will pay attention to your post. Find out whether there is a pattern in their reactions. For example, see whether they react better to funnier posts on Fridays rather than Mondays. Find what day of the week they would like to see more relaxing content and what days they are super motivated and eager for more challenging knowledge.

5. Do a weekly “check-up” on your content marketing

Treat your potential customers as something very valuable to you, as they are. It is absolutely essential to analyze your results. Try out different ways to get their attention but then see what works best for them. Don’t assume that what you thought would work the best actually do in reality. Every week see what content they react to best and do more of it. Make them so interested that they think about you. Make them yearn for more posts from you. The goal is to achieve mutual satisfaction.

And that’s it, folks. Wasn’t too hard, was it?! Now, the real challenge is implementing these in real life. Go step by step. Firstly concentrate on your actual content being insightful, TA-appropriate, important, interesting, and unique. Then focus on the technicalities around posting and finally reflect on your work in content marketing. In that order. We believe that if you manage to excel these you would form a loyal community that will support you every step of the way.

…and talking about reflection, we would love to hear back from you! Give us your feedback on whether these tips were helpful!

Until next week!

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