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6 Types of Video Content Proven to be Effective

types of video content

Undoubtedly, some types of video content have been proven to be the most effective marketing tools of 2019, as well as excellent tools for business promotion. Video is like an upgraded version of “word of mouth” – it is personal, it makes a connection, but it’s a lot easier to be shared amongst friends, colleagues, and larger groups of people. 92% of mobile video consumers would share a video with others. The ability to touch upon a larger scale of people is its main advantage. Next comes the fact that people are visual human beings, therefore they would always choose to watch things rather than read about them – least effort theory in practice. As a matter of fact, 100 million hours of video per day are watched on Facebook and 500 billion on Youtube, the second most popular platform after Google. Hence the reason why marketers saw an extraordinary possibility to upscale business through video and leveraged on that.

81% of businesses use video as a marketing tool, an increase of 18% when compared to last year. In proportion to the increase of businesses using video in their marketing strategy, the variety of videos increased substantially. Nowadays there are many video trends and multiple types of video content that marketers need to evaluate to see what suits the company the best. And to make the elimination process easier for you, we’ve done a thorough analysis of what type of video content works best in general, so feel free to take our suggestions.

Meet the Team/Company Video

A ‘must-have’ if you want to create a closer connection with your clients, your target audience or your partners/collaborators. People need to trust you to use your services. Companies you do business with have to connect with you, your work and the way you do the work – your culture. It is an excellent way to showcase your mission, values, work environment and of course, the people that make the company – the team.

Eventbrite did a superb job with their Meet the Team video. They have the work culture everyone dreams of.

Engaging Video as one of the best types of video content

Whether it is humor, empathy, or sadness you are going after with your video campaign, one thing is for certain – it is going to be remembered and people will relate to it. Humor is a universal language, so you really can’t go wrong with funny video commercials. The same goes for sad commercials. People are very empathy-prone individuals. They want to feel an emotion, regardless of whether it is positive or negative. In that way, they feel like they are a part of the story, of the brand. So our suggestion would be to either make them laugh or cry but don’t half-ass anything. Oh, and did we mention that consumers are most likely to like and share exactly these engaging videos?

If you haven’t watched it yet, get your napkins and let those tear flow. Metlife, you are the greatest.

Or, if you are in a happy mood and don’t want us to ruin it, have a laugh with this HILARIOUS commercial from Rema 1000.

Behind the Scenes Video

Yet another effective type of video content that would bring your audience closer to your brand. It creates a sense of exclusivity as it shows exclusive insights from the work environment and process of your favorite brand. It makes you feel as if you are a part of the team, at least for those 3 minutes. And stats show that consumers are most likely to like your “Behind the scenes video”.

I’ve always been curious about Amazon’s production and distribution process, and I bet I am not the only one. Thank you, Amazon for giving us a rare opportunity to see this behind-the-scenes material. It feels as if we are on a private tour.

How to/Tutorial Video

Explainer Videos are really IN right now. They are one of the most engaging types of video that convey the message in the shortest time possible. How-To videos are generally demand-driven so the probability that the video is not going to be a success is minimal. As a matter of fact, some research shows that How-To videos earn the most attention of any content category on Youtube, even more than music clips or gaming. This might put the How-To video high on the rank of the best types of video content.

Tripcase shows us how it is done. Simple, engaging and most importantly informative.

Product Review

Nowadays no one would opt to read those long and boring reviews when they can just watch them or listen to them while they drive or do things around the house. Consumers almost never go about buying a product without consulting with their friends or without comparing it to other and/or similar products/brands because there is so much variety. So, it only comes natural to look for their best option. Making a Product Review video is really beneficial as it is really informative. It creates an honest relationship with the target audience because it shows that you care. Care for them to choose the best option. However, doing your own product review can be extremely biased so you really need to be very careful to give a truthful and honest opinion on your product. However, we highly advise you to get in touch with an influencer that has an audience similar to your target audience and let her/him do the job.

CleverStyle created this very light, interesting, funny, and informative product review of Kylie Cosmetics. Thanks, girls!


An extremely powerful type of video content, especially suitable for event organizers and speakers. It is much more affordable than going to actual seminars. You can watch these webinars in the comfort of your own home or on your holiday. It gives you so much freedom and flexibility. It is user friendly and value-adding. The truth being told is not confined to the people in the room but rather to a way bigger online audience, so there is a higher chance that your voice is going to be heard.

Foundr had an excellent free webinar with Gretta Van Riel on “Start and Scale”. Fellow ecommerce people, hop on!

The last suggestion is to do thorough research on what video would work the best for your company or let professionals such as Ignite consult you on what type of video content would bring the most optimal results for your company and make that happen.

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