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The Most Touching Advertisements During Covid19

advertisements during covid19

Marketers, forget about the mainstream, eye-catching, and click-bait advertisement. People are looking for solidarity, for unity, to hear and see that they are not alone. People want to be moved, they want to be understood, felt and they want to be shown empathy. And creative directors have done exactly that. They have created some of the most beautiful advertisements ever seen.

Indeed, bad times are the best times, creatively speaking. There is something about creating when we are hurting, when we are down, when we are not feeling good. We release these emotions by putting them “out there” in a song, dance, painting, video, lyrics, etc. It is a beautiful way to express vulnerability and humility, after all. Covid19 is one of these events that have propelled us to all dig deep inside us and find the simplest, purest sense of self. And that has been seen in the shift of the advertising campaigns around Covid19.

Nowadays advertising campaigns strive to create an emotional appeal in the audience’s minds, some by creating fun and happy campaigns while others warm and emotional ones. Emotions are the core of advertising effectiveness and those that generate an emotional response see a 23 increase in sales volume. On top of that, it has been shown that consumers use emotions rather than information to evaluate a brand.

Clearly, consumer behavior has changed since Covid19. People do not only want to hear from brands but are expecting them to react in this crisis situation. 84% of Millennials and Gen Z say that “brands have just as much responsibility as everyone else in helping to stop the spread of Coronavirus”. Hence, apart from raising the bar for brands to help out in any form they can, consumers expect brands to provide them with meaningful, inspirational, hopeful, and touching advertisements.

Our Favorite Advertisements During Covid19

We have shortlisted The Most Touching Advertisements During Covid19. So, watch these advertisements for when you feel:


Bose: Dear Neighbour, by Wunderman Thompson

Dear neighbour who listens to the same song on loop all day
Dear neighbour who practices the accordion every morning at 6
Dear neighbour who really really think she can sing
Dear neighbour who only vacuums after midnight
Dear neighbour who is trying to make it as a DJ,
who just discovered home workout
Dear neighbour who only watches war movies with surrounding sound
I just want to say, I am glad to hear you are ok. 


Emergen C: A Love Letter to Normal Life by Emergen-C, by Grey

Dear normal life,
We look forward to the day where a hug is just a hug. Where a crowded bus or a crowded street or a crowded park is a welcome relief.
A world where we can’t wait to wait in line or say “excuse me” or say “bless you”. Where we can hold doors and faces and hands.
We’re missing things we never thought we’d miss and finding new ways to show our love.
We know the world won’t be the same as we left it but neither will we.
Because when that day comes we’re going to emerge our best.
All of us.


Cadbury: This doesn’t need to end, by VCCP

Lockdown has changed us.
Behind every wall of every home, there are wonderful stories of kindness and generosity.
And this thoughtfulness doesn’t need to end when lockdown ends.

Like you need a laugh

Heineken: Connections


AMI Insurance: Kindness is Everything, by BBDO

Something has changed recently. Us. We spent more time with family, waved at strangers, left little messages for our neighbors. We looked after each other and checked in on nan. In some ways, this feels more like the kind of world we’d like to live in. So, let’s keep some of this kindness we’ve learned of late by driving a little kinder, and keeping an eye on the neighbor’s place when they’re away. If we’ve learned one thing recently is that a little kindness goes a long way.

Warm and fuzzy

Nivea: Small Acts of Care make a big difference, by One Touch

Care starts on the front lines but it doesn’t end there. Every act of care matters.
Thank you for everyone who has shown they care.
Let’s inspire others to do the same.


Lay’s: #JoyGivers, by David&Goliath

We all know someone who brings us joy when we need it the most through smiles, laughter, and the totally unexpected. At Lay’s, we call them #JoyGivers and we are here to celebrate them. Like this joy giver and this one and definitely this one. What they do may seem small but it can make a world of difference because they do it without strings and without a second thought. While they may not change the problem, they can change our perspective. So help us find the #JoyGivers in your community. They are everywhere and they are everything we need right now.

Love for your fur friend

VitaPet: Thank you, by The Works

Give your work colleague a snuggle, your trusted companion a pat, your walking buddy a grin.
Thank your best mate for getting you through this time. Because without them, it would be all working from home, and no play.
They are more than just pets.


Ad Council: Move, by Collage

You are the feet. The legs. The wings. The wheels. The engine. The gas. You are the electricity. The pedals. The propeller. The wind. The energy.
You are the only way it travels. Uptown. Downtown. Across town. In town. Out of town. From town to town. The coronavirus doesn’t move unless you do.
Stay home. Stay safe. Safe lives.


Youtube: #Stayhome and help save lives #withme

Staying home right now isn’t just about keeping you and your family safe—it’s about helping to save the lives of others. But, just because we’re apart, doesn’t mean we can’t do things together. Please #StayHome and help save lives #WithMe. Let’s do this together.


Hefty: Stronger than you think, by Havas

I see you out there. I hear you singing from the rooftops. You are making it work from home… or you’re still going to work every morning. You’re carrying the weight. You are lifting our spirits, and you are there for your community.
Yeah, you! Turns out, you’re a lot stronger than you think and your strength is inspiring to all of us.
Thank you.

What are your favorite advertisements released during Covid19? Share them with us in a comment.

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