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How Do Businesses Benefit from Live Streaming

benefit from live streaming

Undoubtedly, live streaming has become an integral part of many events regardless of their size or location. Many businesses benefit from live streaming. It is no news that this is a great alternative for event organizers to increase their audience and to grow their ROI. However, only a few could have predicted that the live streaming services would become the only choice in 2020. Who could have known that in the year 2020 people would be forced to stay home and countries to close their borders? Facing a pandemic due to the fast spread of the Coronavirus globally, not only event organizers but other businesses as well, turn to this video service for help. Schools and universities switch teaching to online modes, companies organize remote work and all tasks are completed virtually.

For that reason, many businesses choose live streaming options and we would like to point out what are the main benefits of this service.

Reach Bigger Audience

For event organizers, one of the main goals is to reach as many viewers and attendees as possible. Selling tickets can be challenging at times due to geographic, economic or various other reasons. Live streaming your event will allow everyone to watch it and connect with your company or any other participants. Nowadays, everything is recorded and published on social media, which gives you the opportunity to go live on Facebook, LinkedIn or YouTube and get your target audience interested. Needless to say, now is the best time to get their attention when everyone is at home.

Increased Meeting Productivity and Engagement

In times of social distancing, businesses can actually increase employees’ productivity and engagement. Do you wonder how is this possible? – It’s simple, live stream your meetings. The technology has advanced to that extent that it allows us to connect to everyone from the comfort of our own home. Live-streamed meetings will enable better communication between the leadership and the team. Managers can communicate their goals and get the employee’s feedback more clearly and consistently. Hence your business won’t get affected by any global crisis despite the fact that your employees are not physically present in the office.

Helps the Logistics – A Great Benefit from Live Streaming

Organizing an event is not a simple task. From choosing the appropriate venue to inviting attendees and selling tickets and not to forget catering and gift bags, the process takes time and requires many participants. Live streaming is here to make this task easier. All you need to do is hire a video production company that offers live streaming services. These companies usually have access to various live streaming platforms and of course, have the knowledge and skills to make this happen.

Moreover, other businesses that aren’t in the event industry could benefit from live streaming in this way. All meetings or training can be conducted live through a live streaming platform. Especially if your company has offices at different locations, this is the way to communicate.

Webinars and Video-On-Demand

Any live stream is usually recorded, which means that every event or meeting can be available on-demand for your viewers or team-members. For example, if someone is prevented from attending the live meeting or event due to illness or other urgent matters, the recorded footage can be replayed numerous times.

Furthermore, as most conferences are postponed or canceled, it might be the best time for you to consider video conferencing or webinars. And the possibilities with webinars are endless. Online educational conferences, marketing webinars or even onboarding courses. Whatever you choose, the webinar will help you build a long-term relationship with your customers or employees. Moreover, this is a perfect opportunity to get more people to hear about your business.

Call Us and Set Up Live Streaming

Is this an eye-opener for the endless opportunities that the Internet, video and social media offer? Can this be the future of most industries long after the crisis is over? If you are still wondering how your business will remain operational, contact Ignite Global Media. Our team has years of experience in the live streaming of events and organizing business meetings virtually. We would be thrilled to be of your assistance.

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