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Cloud-Based Media Platform That Enables Multi-Team Management and Media Storage

Not enough storage, back and forth emailing with customers, spending too much time downloading and uploading footage… these are just a few of the problems each video editor and project manager face on a daily basis in the video production process. What if there were a solution to all of these problems? What if you could have all your footage on one platform, got your client there to review it, and communicate with your team on the specific issues in the footage? It would for sure save everyone a lot of time and made your job easier. Well, there is such a platform and it’s called We present to you Review: Collaborative Software for Video Production Projects. Review Collaborative Software for Video Production

Problems that Occur During the Post-Production Process

As a project manager dealing with several projects at the same time I was dealing with so many problems that were just frustrating. This is how it would go:

  • get the footage;
  • give instructions to the video editor by email;
  • get the video uploaded on YouTube;
  • send a review link by email to the client;
  • receive the feedback by email;
  • and just like that going in a circle.

This process was so time-consuming and complicated that meeting our deadlines was challenging or sometimes impossible. We had to find a solution for it and started looking into different platforms that would simplify the video review and approval as well as the different stages of video editing. And so we came across – a cloud-based collaboration hub that brings all contributors to the project at the same place. And it really made our lives easier.

We discovered, the collaborative software for video production projects, and here is our review based on our experience with it.

What is is a cloud-based media platform where you can upload and store any type of media file in any video format. It allows users to upload, review, and comment on the video files and create teams for each video project. There are different options available in terms of users and collaborators in each team. Also, you get a dedicated account manager who can guide you through the process. Furthermore, offers a technical support team that can be contacted at any time and get a prompt response.

Let’s look into the main features that this platform offers.

Main Features of the Collaborative Software for Video Production

There are three main features that has and makes it competitive on the market: fast upload and download of any video format, multi-team management, and version management.

Fast Upload and Download of Any Type of Files

When you start a project and need to upload the footage you don’t have to worry about the format of the files. In you can upload .mp4, .mov, but also audio files, stills, pdf files, and many more. This means that you can have everything related to your project in one place.

Multi-Team Management

The multi-team management option enables you to create different teams for every video project you have, whether it’s a corporate event, commercial or studio shooting. Each team is individual and once you invite a collaborator to it, you can choose what they are able to view, download, or edit. You have control over the teams and set the privacy for each project. The video editors can upload numerous versions of the video and they can all be viewed at the same time and be compared.

Version Management

With the privacy settings, you can share just the final video to your client and the different versions of it without showing other files related to the project. This video can be shared as a review link or as a presentation slide that prepares for you. At this point, the client can leave time-stamped comments and annotations directly on the video which will make you forget the long and unnecessary email threads. The real-time notifications that each team member receives will help with promptly dealing with an issue. Whenever someone leaves a comment on a file – each team member will receive an email notification. Furthermore, anyone in the team can watch the video in 1080p HD or 360p in case you have a low Internet connection.

Tools Integrations

Another great feature that has is the integration with the video editing tools Premiere Pro, After Effects, and Final Cut Pro. This feature helps the video editors to easily download the footage and have fast access to it through

Finally, the mobile app allows you to collaborate from anywhere. It has the same features as the desktop version and is very user friendly. Review: Collaborative Software for Video Production Projects and What I Like the Best About it

Since we started using the post-production process is so simplified that I don’t have to worry about losing footage or files. Ignite Global Media as a global video production company provides video services at many locations worldwide. This means that we have videographers in the USA, Asia, Europe, and in many projects we are faced with the challenges of bringing teams from different areas together. For example, at one time we had a studio shooting in Tokyo with our local team, the client was in the USA and our video editor in Macedonia. We needed to find a solution to get all of them connected without spending too much time and money or losing footage. definitely made the video editing workflow much easier for us because we brought all collaborators from each country together at one platform.

Another thing I love about this video review software is storage capability. There is no need for any other programs or hard drives to transfer and store footage. Everything is there and it is stored as long as you need it. Also, the privacy settings allow me to manage my teams and have control over the footage and who has access to it.

Is This the Right Platform For You?

Do you have headaches every time you need to upload footage from your last project? Miscommunication between your team makes you lose time and money? You don’t have enough storage available for all your video projects?

I would strongly recommend this collaborative software for video production if you are facing these problems. My company Ignite Global Media has greatly benefited from using it and it definitely made our job easier.

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