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8 Types of Business Events to Consider Hiring a Professional Video Production Company For

Hiring a Professional Video Production Company

The future of your company fundamentally depends on how well-organized things are. If your monthly or annual agenda includes multiple events, start thinking about assembling an in-house video production team. If this is not possible, or not predicted in the annual budget, then you should consider hiring a professional video production company for each of your upcoming events. And this step might be the key to your successful event.

Hiring a professional video production company should not be underestimated

You can’t just Google-search “video production company” and hire the first one that pops out. It should be harder than that! Focus on finding an agency with deep knowledge and extensive experience in this field. By comparing agencies (portfolio, client testimonials, equipment, prices), choose the best one that can meet your needs and deliver the desired results. In this article, we will list 8 types of business events where you need to hire a professional video production company.

1. Business Conferences and Summits

An excellent idea to gather people for a consultation, exchange of information and different points of view. As we all know, summit and conference activities include guest speakers, breakout sessions, and networking opportunities. Therefore, produce event videos such as speaker sessions and highlight video, as the best alternatives for these event types. This is a chance for the attendees to recall their experience at the event, but also a chance for those who missed it, to catch-up. Don’t forget, raise the bar and go live! Live streaming can do wonders for sure!

2. Expos and Trade Shows

These types of events are organized so that companies in a specific industry, get the opportunity to demonstrate their latest products or services. It is a connecting spot for competitors, future business partners, etc. However, as an exhibitor, these events are much more than touch base. Organizing everything, and filming as well, requires professional help. Hiring a professional video company that will deliver the best out of the event and you won’t regret. The video material will be useful for creating a highlights video or a promotional video to announce the next year’s event.

3. Corporate Events

In a nutshell, a corporate event is any form of event or social activity which is organized or funded by a business entity. The concept has evolved to create new leads and reward employees and business partners for their hard work and loyalty. These events can range from formal events to holiday parties, from conferences to adventurous trips. Include corporate videos in your strategy. They plaster social media. They define brands. They even recruit new talent. In addition to this, ‘cook’ the best highlights video; build trust with testimonials; attract new talents with recruitment videos, etc.

4. Seminars

The seminar has the function of bringing together small groups of people for meetings, focusing each time on some specific subject, in which everyone present can participate and discuss.

Despite the fact that they are not large, they are quite educational and significant. Accordingly, create a seminar video with all those important pieces of information and upload them on your website. You can sell the video, or you can offer it for free.

5. Ceremonies and Galas

Music, lighting, special effects, keynote speakers, beautiful people… oh, you name it! Just by the thought of events like these, probably every single one of us gets a feeling of great enthusiasm and eagerness. Because it is an evening of entertainment and fun; evening that most likely won’t be forgotten easily. Either way,  gala events and ceremonies can really boost your brand reputation, especially if it’s a corporate function designed to impress potential investors, donors, or high-end clients. Finally, don’t miss the chance to film this spectacular happening. Regardless of which type of video you choose, you can’t go wrong. And don’t forget the stepping stone into the digital world – Live streaming.

6. Job Fairs / Recruiting Events

The difference between success and failure is a great team. At events like these, employers (recruiters) give information about their businesses to potential employees. To hire top talent is vital to an organization’s success because it boosts efficiency. In order to get the most talented employees, you must stay ahead of the pack in any way you can. So stand out, be creative, make your brand desirable, promote the strengths of your workplace, and you’ll undoubtedly catch the attention of top-tier applicants. There are many effective tactics to accomplish this, but to implement video should be your number one. For example, include motivational videos for teams or testimonials from your employees. Best of luck!

7. Team Building

A strong team is the foundation of a successful business. It is the heart and the soul of the company. Therefore, spare no effort to push the team towards better performance. Team building is an effective way to increase productivity and collaboration, improve communication and motivation among your employees. Achieve this by organizing indoor and outdoor activities. Most popular are egg drop, water balloon toss, human knot, show-and-tell, the perfect square, etc. Eventually, this will lead to mutually aligned personal goals with the team and organizational goals. These events are fun and bonding and it would be a pity not to have them captured on a tape. Create funny motivational videos for employees or blooper fails videos. If you publish them on your social media your potential employees will realize what a cool company they could be a part of. Memories stay forever, so create good ones.

8. Product Launches

When a company decides to introduce a new product to the market or an upgraded version of the existing one, it’s called product launch. This process includes a variety of actions and strategies, but let’s stick to the marketing plan and its implementation. A promotional video as part of the marketing strategy is ideal for reaching out to your target audience. Simply create content that’s interesting and contains useful information about the product. This will give an idea to the prospective buyers what would they get with the product. Testimonials are a great way to persuade people to buy your product. How? People are prone to follow the actions and behaviors of others, in an attempt to make the “right” choices. Accordingly, create a testimonial questionnaire and get answers from happy, satisfied customers. This will boost product sales for sure.

Hiring a Professional Video Production Company Has Never Been So Easy

Now that you understand why hiring a professional video production company is so important for every aspect of your events, don’t think twice. Contact Ignite Global Media. We have the solution for any type of event that you organize and even for every other aspect of your company’s promotion. When it comes to video, leave everything in our hands.

You’ve got the questions, and we’ve got the answers.

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