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6 Tips to Save Money on Event Video Production

Organizing an event can be a very demanding process. There are many details involved and one of the most important is the event video production part. Producing catchy highlights videos and recording the speaker sessions will contribute to your event promotion and social media marketing. Therefore you need to make sure you have chosen the right team to do this job. It might seem that this would be an expensive endeavor, but we would like to give you some tips on how to save money on event video production.

1. Prepare a Shooting Agenda

Planning the recording of your event will make everything much easier if you have a clear vision of what are the most important parts to be captured. For example, you would like to take shots of the registration booth, networking area, people enjoying the event or some important speakers. In that way, the videography crew that you hire doesn’t have to stay for the entire day, which means that you will save money on the event video production. If you have a detailed agenda you can plan this out and get a videographer for only a half-day if needed. 

Moreover, if you are hosting a two-day event, you can get your crew only for the first day. This will definitely help your budget. 

2. Make Short Videos

As technology advances in this digital era, Internet users have a shorter attention span, especially while watching videos. If your video doesn’t capture their attention in the first 10 seconds, it is most likely that they won’t watch it until the end. Hence the shorter videos are the recipe for success. That works even better for event organizers because it will save them money in the video production process. 

It’s even better to make several short videos and later use them in your event marketing campaign.

3. Hire Professional Video Production Company

It might sound unreal that hiring a video production company will be cost-effective, but it is true. If you compare quotes from freelancers and companies, naturally the freelancers would be cheaper. However, many things can go wrong if you choose the cheaper alternative. As an event organizer, you will have the role of managing the team and make sure everything is captured. Also, many things can go wrong in the post-production part and again all tasks should be monitored by you. In the end, you would end up spending a lot of time and maybe not have the time to complete your other tasks related to event management. 

On the other hand, if you delegate this role to a company you can put your mind at ease. There are many pros and cons while making this decision, however, there are many companies to choose from. Ignite Global Media is a company that can help you with your event video production and will make sure you get everything you need and at the same time fits in your budget.

4. Get Audience Video to Save Money on Event Video Production

People unable to attend your event would like to find out what they missed out and see some videos from attendees. So it would be an interesting idea to get short videos from your attendees and compile them into one video. This “fan-made video” can be shared on social media and it will increase engagement. 

You can even ask them to add Instagram stories and tag your company and promote your event even more.

5. Find Your Video Crew in Advance

Don’t leave this task for the last minute. When you start looking for a video production company earlier, maybe even three to six months in advance you can get a better quote. Furthermore, the crew would have more time to plan everything and consult with you for any details. 

Otherwise, the companies would give you a much higher quote than the standard one if you book them a week before the event. Even worse, most of them might not be available.

6. Look for Promotions and Coupons to Save Money on Event Video Production

Most of the video production companies offer giveaways or have special promotions at a certain time. It might be a good idea to sign up for their newsletters and get notified about these offers. In that way, whenever there is a Christmas discount of services or Thanksgiving offers, sometimes just Summer discount offers you could take advantage of them and save money on event video production. 

Follow the companies on social media as well because they most probably promote this on their Facebook, LinkedIn or Instagram profiles.

Regardless of the type of event that you organize, have the video coverage in mind. In today’s digital era the video is the key to your company’s promotion. Always have in mind that if a service or product is of high quality it doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s expensive. You just need to follow the trends and follow Ignite Global Media

We have experience in covering different types of events and we would be thrilled to be of help.

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