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How to Make a Good Testimonial Video

testimonial video

Do you know what is the best way to promote your brand? – Customer testimonial video!

Let your happy customers do all the talking!

It is considered that this type of video is the most effective marketing content nowadays.

Also, testimonial video is proven to be the most powerful tool, and the best way to gain trust in your brand. Why? – It simply proves your worth!

Testimonial video production appears to be so popular in the marketplace as it is one of the fastest and easiest ways to deliver your service or product to the media. Furthermore, as we are all spending most of our time online, video marketing has the biggest influence over the other ways of reaching the customer’s attention.

Testimonial videos have one very interesting way of approaching the audience. This type of video goes beyond every other way in marketing promotion because it connects deeper with the customers. They easily recognize themselves in that video. Moreover, it is so relatable because it’s a regular person who is sharing its own personal experience. That’s how it makes this type of video authentic.

What are the Advantages of Making a Testimonial Video?

In addition to that, if you are thinking about whether you should create a testimonial video, here are a few advantages that would help you decide:

  1. It attracts emotion. People become triggered by the customer’s testimonial speech in the video. The personal experience or story has a nice touch and empathy arises in all of us. All in all, with this characteristic, the testimonial video engages the consumers and makes them relate to the speaker.
  2. It has a unique story. The story of the testimonial videos is always personal and unique which makes it fun and different from other types of marketing videos. It takes the viewer to the entire customer experience and shows them how your service or product helped your customer.
  3. Builds trust. No less significant, this type of videos gain people’s trust not only in the particular product or service but in your business and the whole brand in general.

Types of Testimonial Videos

In terms of the creation process, there are two main different types of testimonial videos. You can choose between an On-camera or Out of-camera video.

  • On-camera Testimonial is a video that presents a customer speaking on the camera, which is in a way a standard interview video. When you are making this type of testimonial video, you need to be careful when choosing the person who will share his/her experience. It would be great if this person has a nice and pleasant personality and is a dynamic speaker, which would make people want to hear what he or she has to say.
  • Out of-camera or Portrait Testimonial includes interesting b-roll shots with audio of the speaker without him or her on-screen. To create this type of video, the interview is done audibly because people tend to speak longer when interviewed. For that reason, to avoid making a very long video, you should incorporate the voice of your customer into a compelling visual story. In this way, viewers can enjoy the testimony of the person and while hearing it, they get the visual effect of the product or the service that you are presenting.

How to Make a Good Customer Testimonial Video

In order to make one good testimonial video, we have a few tips that can help you present the customer satisfaction in the best possible way.

  • I am sure you have an idea of what the customer should say in the video, however you don’t need to have specific given words to the customer to read when you ask the testimonial video questions. Assure them that it’s fine to be themselves and say in their own words what in particular makes them satisfied by your service or product. Yet, it’s completely fine if you give them some tips and explain to them in which direction you would like to go with this video.
  • Encourage them to share their own unique experience. In that way, the video will show that it’s just a testimony of a customer who is happy with what you are promoting and not a scripted promotional video.
  • Make sure you take immediate initiative to record a testimonial video while the customer is enjoying the most in your product or service. It is of prime importance to take the best of the consumer satisfaction in the video, so don’t waste your time and get to work with finding the right person at the right time!
  • Finally, before you start making this type of video you should sit down and make an open conversation with your customer. Make it clear to them the importance of their words and of their role for your business. In other words, explain the real value of their statement in the video so they can understand clearly why you are making the testimonial video in the first place. Having said that, they don’t need to lie or overvalue for you, but to feel that they have the power to help you if they are sincerely happy with what you’re selling.

Examples of Super Effective Testimonial Videos

Many businesses use testimonial videos in their marketing strategy and we have found the most powerful ones that will definitely convince them to try their service or product. Here are some examples:

Sandwich Video, Inc. has tried Slack and is apparently very happy with their service.

Google AdWords has shared the success story of Happy Hound.

Endless Entertainment has greatly benefited from the all-in-one marketing and sales platform by HubSpot to drive new business.

Hire the Best Video Production Company

Now, since you are ready and excited to start with preparing your first testimonial video, the most important thing you need to do is to choose the right video production company to help you out. Choose the best team of professionals that can offer you their high-quality services with fresh and most trending ideas that will make your business grow at its finest. Choose Ignite Global Media!

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