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What are the Top 5 Video Trends for 2019?

video trends

Video in your marketing strategy is always a good idea, but what are the current video trends to follow? What is popular and well received by the audience?

Now that we are halfway through the year 2019, we can conclude that this year’s video trends are the future of video. Apparently, there is no ‘year of the video’ anymore, it appears that the video came here to stay. There has been an explosion of creativity in this area and we are very excited to see what comes next in the video production world.

Why is Video so Effective?

But before we find out what types of videos are dominating, it’s important to know why is this product so interesting and popular. Interestingly, 97% of marketers confirm that the video has helped them increase user understanding of their products and services. Other statistics show that 78% of people watch videos online on a weekly basis and 81% of businesses use video as a marketing tool. These numbers can’t be wrong, we are all pretty much aware of these facts because you are probably part of the statistics. Whether you own a business or not, you watch videos on a daily basis. If you open your Facebook news feed, every second post is a video.

Well, let’s look at the video trends for 2019.

Live Q&A videos and AMAs

Maybe the most interesting feature of this video is that it can be used on any platform. There is Facebook Live video, Instagram Live, Twitch, Periscope, or a professional live stream of your event powered by a professional video production team. No matter what you choose, the live video captures the attention of your audience, and with the option to comment they are allowed to give you feedback. However, the live video as such is not a new video trend, but the Live Q&A or AMA videos are the novelty.

The Q&A gives the opportunity to receive questions from your audience and for you to answer them. Similarly, the AMA video or ‘Ask Me Anything’ brings you closer to your viewers. You can get a real engagement from your target audience which will be very helpful in your social media marketing strategy.

1:1 Video – part of the video trends

Talking about engagement, this video format might be your smartest move to make your next sale. The 1:1 Video is used to send a message to someone, in this case, your prospective client, instead of writing them a cold email. Watching a video is far more engaging than reading an email, so you will definitely grab your viewers’ attention. It is more personal and your potential client will get the impression that you really care about them and spent some time recording the video. So, think about the next follow up you are planning to do and have the 1:1 video in mind.

Video in Email as one of the best video trends

Everyone opens their email, but in the digital era when people are getting maybe 100 emails per day, you have to be creative to be noticed. If you don’t want your email to be erased, try and add a video to it. It will make you stand out from the crowd and you will get your reader’s attention. It gives personality to the email and it delivers the message in a better way.

Also, if you write ‘Video’ in the subject line or video thumbnails, your message will be delivered. This video trend goes in line with 1:1 video and your viewers will appreciate the effort that you put into creating that.

Mobile-First Videos

Mobile technology is at its peak this year and most people use their mobile devices for everything. Social media, communication, emails, Internet search, etc. So, if you want to get their attention, “think narrow” but only in terms of screens. Due to the fact that people watch video content on their phones, the videos you produce should be in a portrait or vertical format. One example is Instagram IGTV, which is the first place for long-term vertical-only videos.

Virtual Reality Videos

It is only natural that after the rise of Virtual Reality, we will get new trends connected to it. Therefore, we have the new video trend of immersive video content that is accessed through the use of virtual reality headsets. These videos are creating an illusion to the viewer that he is part of it. The Virtual Reality video is no longer the next big thing, it is the current big thing.

If you weren’t convinced until now, I am confident that this article will make you at least try to include one of these videos in your marketing strategy. You wouldn’t be wrong if you use all of them, but even with just one, you will see the results and improvements.

The most important thing to remember is that you know where to go for help and guidance. Ignite Global Media can prepare the marketing strategy for you, produce the video you need or maybe cover your upcoming event. If you are still having doubts, just contact us and you can at least get a free consultation. We will think of the best ways to promote your business.

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