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Top 10 Types of Video Content Marketing For Every Business

video content marketing

Did you know that video content makes up over 82% of internet traffic today? 

Everyone loves online videos. People are so accustomed to this type of content all the time, whether it’s time to eat and have some rest. Watching videos is an enjoyable activity. 

This is the reason why nowadays, marketers invest more in creating video content marketing when promoting their businesses. It delivers messages clearly. Also, it attracts people who aren’t interested in a brand to watch marketing videos voluntarily.

Why Should Businesses Use Video Marketing?

Video marketing is the practice of utilizing video content to promote a brand, product, or service. Since social media, which amplifies the use of visual content, plays an important role in collecting an audience, using videos can help businesses connect with their targeted market rather seamlessly.

Videos are easy to digest and time-savers. They are great for people having a tight schedule but still want to keep up with the latest news. Therefore, most will watch videos rather than reading long-block text.  

What’s more, videos have many things to offer, including getting your page land on the first of SERPs. Here are a few benefits you can get from using video content marketing in your campaigns.   

Videos increase traffic to your blog or website

One of the reasons why marketers prefer video marketing is because it lets them reach a larger audience. It creates a better user experience for visitors who want to learn more about your business.

You can create various videos—from simple product guides, tips and tricks tutorials, testimonials, etc., with different purposes, such as increasing your site traffic, brand awareness, and sales conversion rate. These videos help you connect with potential customers in an interactive way that text-based content can’t deliver.

Videos improve your SEO rank on Google

Google loves video content. In fact, one-third of all online activities are spent watching videos. Your conversion rates will also be higher if you have a YouTube channel or video marketing strategy because searchers tend to stay on page longer when they see relevant videos related to the queries they are typing in the search bar.

Videos generate more conversions

When you post your brand-related videos on social media channels, sharing them with your target market, you can expect remarkable results, including improved brand exposure and awareness for your business. You’ll not only increase site traffic but improve conversions as well since 96% of people watch product videos before purchasing any item online, with 64% of them making a purchase after watching the video.

10 Types of Video Content Marketing that Work Best For Business

1. Explainer videos

This highly engaging video content aims to hook the audience’s attention in a short time. Since an explainer video is designed to convey messages fast, the duration of this video is most likely short. An explainer video will have up to two minutes maximum duration with some clear narration.

With explainer videos, you can deliver marketing information in much more effective ways. That’s because explainer videos utilize animation characters that well represent the whole message concisely. The video can turn even complicated information into digestible, easy-to-understand messages.

2. Product demo videos

If you’re looking for a way to clearly showcase your products or services, this product demo video fits that purpose. 

Sometimes, potential customers have the intention to buy products but leave them in consideration for a long time. All you need to do is a little nudge to convince them why they should make a purchase right away. Product demo videos will help you present the product features and benefits in a meaningful way. 

3. Testimonial videos

Testimonials are the greatest tool to persuade people to join your bandwagon. With actual customer video reviews, others can value your business from a thoughtful perspective.  

Potential customers can see how people are excited about your products through testimonial videos. This allows them to consider using your products to solve the problems they may face. 

4. Behind-the-scene videos

The behind-the-scenes video is unlikely among other marketing videos on this list. Behind-the-scenes videos focus on delivering the hidden fact behind your curtain. They expose your business in an unimaginable way.  

Viewers who watch this type of video will have a different point of view about your brand. This video can help you change their common perspective about your products or business as a whole. 

5. Tutorial videos

If your industry involves complex processes or procedures to follow, you should consider producing tutorial videos. It helps customers by giving them step-by-step directions on how to perform specific tasks.  

For example, if your products are sewing machines, you can create a tutorial video on how to use them properly and sew beautiful clothes. From the video content, people will get answers to questions about using these kinds of devices. This saves both time and money compared to learning everything through trial and error.

6. Live videos

The increasing popularity of live videos is undeniable. Live streaming shows the other side of your business that regular YouTube or other social media videos don’t show. It includes exciting things like brand new product releases, office tours, and events that are shown in real-time. 

For example, if you’re a cat food producer, you can film an event where people get to meet cute kittens who love eating your products. This will show social media users how fun it is to be part of your company’s work culture. If you can attract your audience well, they may as well be interested in being your employees.  

7. Commercial videos

You should not underestimate the power of advertising video content on social media for better client engagement and viewership rate. Use keywords related to your industry to attract potential customers by showing them up-to-date information about your products or services through short advertising.

You can use platforms like YouTube or Facebook to run your commercials. Since YouTube has billions of viewers and active users, you can make marketing videos specifically designed for YouTube ads to broaden your audience’s reach. Therefore, you can connect with a bigger audience and make conversions.

8. Frequently asked question (FAQ) videos

It’s common to come across questions related to your specific industry or business on social media and other public forums. You can create videos that answer those frequently asked questions (FAQ) and post on the official website, blog, and YouTube channel. This will encourage more people to follow you and gain trust from new audiences too.

More importantly, watching FAQ videos is way more exciting than reading a list of the questions. Users can learn the answer as if learning from a direct conversation, which makes it more live and human.

9. Press release videos

If you’re looking for a way to promote your press releases in an innovative manner, try making press release videos that teach potential customers about your products or services through short videos rather than writing long articles or news stories. Online viewers these days prefer watching video content over reading any text-based information. 

With compelling video content marketing like this, they will stay updated with the latest developments happening within the organization and its products.

10. Sales pitch videos

You can take an extra step and create sales pitch videos for your company to present key points about your products. These video presentations are great for customer retention too, so consider creating entertaining sales pitch videos that demonstrate the value of your services in a fun-filled manner. 

Sales pitch videos are designed differently than any other marketing video. The sole purpose of this video content is to impress and convince potential customers to take a look at your business seriously. You can use sales videos instead of encouraging salespeople to present the business’ value repeatedly. 

Bottom Line

Video marketing strategy is a great tool for your business to establish an online presence and increase sales. With more internet users watching videos daily, marketers should begin to make videos specifically to promote products or services. 

Videos help brands reach out to a broader audience and engage with them in real-time. Therefore, using a video content marketing strategy allows you to start off the ground and generate conversions quickly. 

Do you want to learn more about other video marketing types to help improve your business? Check out the infographic below for more information.

8 Types of Video Content Every Business Needs to Create [INFOGRAPHIC]
Courtesy of: Breadnbeyond

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