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Many years of working with some of the biggest organizations in marketing, video production, and management as a whole have given us an insight first hand into what works and what doesn’t and what can ignite your success. Because of our unique experience and global know-how, we believe this gives us the best vantage point, that allows us to share our experiences and knowledge with the wider community.

After much deliberation as to how to exactly deliver this know-how, we opted for this blog. Our blog will be accompanied by video and events where we will be able to share this knowledge one-on-one, answer your questions and help structure marketing strategies, content and campaigns that deliver the results you are looking for.

Who exactly stands by Ignite Global Media?

Take for instance our Accounting specialist, he has well over 30 years of experience working with major global and international corporations and he has asked to be part of our events to help small businesses and startups better understand the implications of a global business set up. His wealth of knowledge has allowed us to prepare for the most unique challenges and his solutions are always just so simple, or maybe it seems that way because he is able to explain everything in such detail even a layman like me can understand.

Then we have our two video experts, from script write-ups for your next promotional video, to explainer videos to highlights videos of your next event or company development. They’ve been able to help companies globally in well over twenty languages. Their network of specialists is able to come to you no matter where you are. Critically, however, here on this blog our two video experts will be able to tell you what works in video and what doesn’t, what is a better cost-effective solution, so whatever questions you may have about the video, please lay them on us, we will always be happy to provide you with an answer.

Our experience in the world of media

To continue with our introduction, we have our events and communication expert, with well over 250 events under her belt, she is ready to simplify the event selection process. There are so many on offer globally, so enticing, it truly is difficult to make sure your choice is the right one. Our event expert will work with you and ensure your selection is aligned with your company vision and growth plans, trust me you do not have to be everywhere you just have to be where it matters most. If you are looking for hints on how to make the right choice then stay tuned – there will be amounts of information coming your way.

As an organization specializing in marketing, content, and PR, we at Ignite Global Media have three of these stellar girls who are able to make magic happen, just through placing the right words to the right audience, they know what value means and how to present this, accompanied by our in-house design team, these guys and gals are itching to share. So, as part of our blog, you will find insights on marketing do’s and don’ts, techniques that work, design features that fire up your customers, and much more.

Last but not least, we have the sales and coaching team. These draconian beings have a dialect and style that turns even the most ferocious and skeptical client into a most loyal buyer. Their experience spans manufacturing, product design, corporate management, staff training, and development. So if you are looking for some hints and tips as to how to get the most of your staff, how to improve productivity or how to sell better and turn every client into a loyal buyer then keep an eye out right here, in among their ridiculously busy schedule, they have agreed to share with you their knowledge through our blog.

Teamwork will ignite your success

Here at IGM, we believe our strongest suit is teamwork, cooperation, building global networks of professionals within our industry, and a never-ending thirst for knowledge, so trust me when I tell you we would love to be able to be part of your success story. If you are unsure of anything, your marketing strategy, growth plan, or the next campaign drop us a line, I promise we will find the time and hook you up with one of the experts to help you find the right solutions.

Welcome then to our blog where we will ensure that our experience contributes to giving you information of value, where together we will expand your knowledge and solve a problem or two along the way. Think of our blog as your problem solving go-to place, you might even find your next collaborator, we have been known to put one and one together and make two.

We do hope that our blog brings you value personally and professionally because we have benefited from our knowledge and experience. We would love for you to be part of our growth story and for us to be part of your success.

Thank you.

Ignite Global Media

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