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Why Invest in Digital Marketing?

Doing business in a digital world requires an exceptional digital presence especially through digital marketing. It is a necessity rather than a choice to be digitally present and be successful at it. The Internet itself provides us with numerous tools to do that but the tricky part is how to use those to our advantage.

Most people nowadays google-search companies before making a purchase and the chances are they google your products and services, too. As a matter of fact, 70% of users refer to online content and reviews before making a purchase and there is a chance that 71% of customers would recommend the brand if it had superb social media service. At the end of the day, your goal is to have a lasting brand with an excellent reputation, right?

However, there are still brands that are skeptical about going digital or those that think they are doing good enough even without. Well, guess what? Doing enough is not the same as doing your best. Your best is to become a leader in your particular niche. Inform yourself about why you should invest in digital marketing. Only then will you realize what you are missing on – a huge window of opportunity to become a long-lasting global company.

1. Reach an unimaginable target audience

There are 2.32 billion monthly active users on Facebook, only. Do you really believe that there is another way to reach this unimaginable number of potential customers if not by promoting your brand online? Think twice. By promoting your brand digitally, you are opening it up to the world. You are multiplying your opportunity of expanding exponentially. You can operate locally yet reach a global audience. The easiest way to reach a global TA is by using ads on your preferred platform. Indeed, being the largest, Facebook is the most important social media platform for marketers hence by default it is probably used by all of the audience you are trying to target.

Facebook ads are advertisements that target a specific group of people according to your exact requirements. Not only can you target them according to their sex, age, location, and demographics but also based on what they work, their interests and likes, their hobbies, interactions with their friends, etc. Simply put, by targeting the right audience you increase your conversion rates as by capturing their attention you transform these general leads into potential customers and the average click-through rate for Facebook ads is astonishing 90%.

2. Your customers – your best buddies in digital marketing

Social media is an excellent medium through which you can befriend your customers because failing to build a solid relationship would result in a lack of trust in your products and services. Treat them as you treat your friends because they are extremely important and valuable to you. You should always strive for outstanding customer relationship management as without it 79% of your potential leads may fail to convert into customers.

Comment, like, and engage with your audience as they are the laying foundation for the success of your brand. The last thing you want to do is let them go over to your competitor and buy products similar to the ones you’re offering just because of your inadequate customer service. In fact, 40% of customers may switch to a competitor if it has better customer service. Please, don’t let that happen to you. At the end of the day, there must be a reason why 72% of businesses rank improving the customer experience as their top priority.

3. Talk to your target audience and capture their attention

65% of marketers find producing engaging content extremely challenging. Having strong and effective content is imperial for your business as that is what promotes your products and services and makes people come back to your page. There are multiple ways of creating up-to-do date, value-adding, and interesting content. Get creative, be daring, consistent, and most importantly personalize your content. See what your target audience reacts best to. 50% of consumers prefer to see videos than any other type of content. On top of that, 90% of consumers say that they refer to videos when making an important purchasing decision. Evidence shows that apart from videos, people also react to funny posts as well as fun facts. So, regardless of the type of content, your brand is using, the most important thing is to personalize. Even up to 82% of potential consumers feel more inclined towards and positive about the brand if the content being shown is custom-made for them. Hence, talk to your audience, give something that is of value for them, and make them yearn for more.

4. Improve your SEO game in digital marketing

61% of marketers claim that their highest inbound marketing priority is to improve SEO and grow organic presence. It is imperative that you understand customer’s behaviors and their trends to search and find information online. Search engines make use of their algorithms to decide on the most effective way to present results with the highest level of relevance and trustworthiness for their customers. In simple terms, Google is a very large library of information and your brand/company website is merely one book out of millions. Search Engine Optimization practices educate/help Google understand what your website is about and how trustworthy it is compared to others.

Statistics show that only $1 is spent on converting customers, while $92 is spent on acquiring new ones. On top of that, the presence of videos on landing pages might increase conversation even up to 86%. Another way to improve your SEO is through blogs which is the reason why 53% of marketers use blogs as their content marketing priority as well as Google AdWords. Even though advertising through Google Adwords does not increase your SEO directly, it does so indirectly. However, finding the right keywords to use may be tricky. Marketers usually opt for keywords with high search volume and low competition. However, one thing to bear in mind is that your competitors do the same exact thing as you, so you need to differ from them. That is why it is believed that the keywords that would bring most to the table are those found through your particular pay per click. Use them and get the best results!

5. Improve your communication through an easy-to-follow website

A website is another medium through which you can effectively communicate with your potential customers. Think of it as your best salesperson – it is there to present your offers to the audience and through its content convince them into hitting that “buy” button; it is there to promote the brand. The three most important characteristics a website should have are being user-friendly, easy-to-navigate, and resourceful. As a matter of fact, 38 percent of visitors may stop engaging with a website if they consider the content or layout unattractive. Having an attractive website is extremely important especially if you are in the eCommerce business. An increase in the site speed from 8 to 2 seconds can actually increase your conversion rate by a staggering 74%.

6. Easily measured results in real-time

This is yet one more amazing feature of digital marketing. It helps you keep track of your marketing campaigns in detail. It gives you an unbiased idea of how your business is performing and will make you invest in digital marketing. Hence, depending on the results you can change and improve on your marketing campaign in real-time. You can clearly see what your target audience reacts to and act upon it so that you grow your traffic that could turn into potential leads who would want to make a sale and therefore increase your conversion rate.

Even though being digitally present looks easy on paper, in reality, it is extremely hard to score a high mark in all these aspects. In order to have success in your marketing campaign, you need to first have a clear goal, have the know-how and resources for the execution, and the team to monitor and act upon the results. Mediocrity won’t help you achieve your goal so you need to be extremely well prepared if you want to expand and strengthen your brand through your digital marketing strategy which can be costly. Hence instead of spending time and effort on learning and mastering all the steps to a successful digital marketing strategy, you could contact Ignite Global Media, your digital marketing solution. They promise excellent service and swear by it.

Apart from offering the regular digital marketing services such as Search Engine Optimization, Pay-Per-Click, Facebook Ads, Social Media Marketing, Content Marketing, and Website Design, they also offer an extremely convenient platform that would save your time by organizing all your listings in one convenient place. Talk about efficiency!

They are extremely open to collaboration, easy to reach, and professional. All you have to do is fill in this form and contact them directly. Help them help you out and make you the leading company in your particular niche. Grab this opportunity and act upon it. Improve, expand, excel. Win with Ignite Global Media.

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