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4 Types of Event Videos Every Conference Should Have

types of event videos

Every professional event organizer should know that at the end of the day what really makes one conference great, apart from good organization and execution, is its promotion. Therefore, creating quality and different types of event videos is a powerful tool to gain exposure and ensure profitability for your company.

You probably wonder why video and not another promo tool? Well, according to a study one minute of video can be equivalent to 1.8 million words, which means that the video may convey the idea more efficiently and faster than the written word. In addition to that, do you get the idea of how much one video can tell? To get back to the point, say more with less is a very good strategy in order to grow your business and attract more attendees and customers for your next event. I will walk you through the 4 types of event videos that actually pay off.

Promotional Video Has Its Own Advantages

If your goal is to promote your event and invite people to attend, you should go with this type of video. Promo video tends to bring the matter to a more personal level without making the “selling” aspect so obvious. Consider this as a clever and indirect way to inspire people to take action, whatever that may be.

Simply include all useful information (keynote speakers, topics, venue, time and date, sponsors, etc), and your job is done. Let the video do the rest. They go viral, spread rapidly through online sharing. The promo video should be short, less than 90 seconds. So, step up your game and create video content that will feast your eyes, fun, creative, and engaging to your target audience. Check out this promo video example:

Highlight Video or a Showreel is one of the Best Types of Event Videos

The event highlight video usually tells a story, by showing significant moments, insights, activities that happened on that particular event. In 5-6 minutes, you can summarize one or a couple of days, which is quite awesome. This is a great opportunity for an event organizer to showcase the highlights and key moments of the conference. Also, convince those who couldn’t attend not to miss the next one.

To create a highlight video, don’t give away too much at the beginning. Work up the music and the video to its higher, exciting point of the event. After that, slowly bring down the energy, and emphasize the theme of the conference in a way that people can relate to. By showcasing a fun, exciting, and enriching experience of this year’s conference you can promote next year’s event – which will result in more attendees and increase in revenue. An amazing showreel video right here:

Testimonial Video builds trust!

Building a network of trust is the number one of the things you should have in mind. Testimonials are the best way to establish credibility for your organization and event. The question is: Does your conference or event, meet or surpass attendees expectations? If the answer is yes, you have satisfied attendees and their testimony can help you a lot. How? Sharing with the rest of the world their positive reviews will drive awareness, attendance, and engagement for the next event. Accordingly, get their answers by creating a testimonial questionnaire with questions such as:

  • How has the event affected your business?
  • What is your biggest takeaway from this conference?
  • What did you learn?
  • Will you be attending our next event again?

You can get your speakers, attendees to speak, and remember that the organizer or CEO of the company needs to be included here as well. See this example below of an interesting testimonial video:

Speaker session video is the heart of the Conference

Did you get the most interesting keynote speakers to talk at your conference? Or maybe one of your sponsors is scheduled to be up on stage and have prepared an exciting presentation worth seeing? It’s imperative that these speaker sessions are recorded and edited separately in a video. Furthermore, you wouldn’t be sorry to consider including live streaming for those who weren’t able to attend.

These types of event videos have the same length as the presentation and have an intro part where some information about the event is being presented. As soon as the speaker starts talking, the name and title of the speaker are presented and it ends in a similar way with an outro part.

We can deliver all these types of event videos and so much more!

If you are still not sure how to film a conference, have these videos in mind. It would be a great investment if you choose to make all these types of videos. In order to do that you need to have the best video production company. Don’t despair, it’s not difficult to find it. We can help you – contact us and get a free quote today.

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