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8 Effective Marketing Strategies for Tech Startups that Lead to a Guaranteed Growth

effective marketing strategies

As a tech startup, you already leave the impression of a highly innovative business that is offering something that would make people’s lives easier. But, in order to spread that word around and start increasing your conversion rate, applying your inventiveness and creativity in a powerful marketing strategy is inevitable. The good news is that effective marketing doesn’t have to be money consuming. Just the opposite, the best marketing ideas are simple and won’t cost you a lot of money. All you need to do is get a dedicated person or a team on board and let their out-of-the-box thinking make the magic for your brand. Here are eight effective marketing strategies you can use to help your startup grow.

1. Dominate your content marketing strategy with value-added content

To be a startup means to bring a unique product or service to the market. Marketing-wise, half of your job is already done. But, it is the other half that will make the difference – the way you tell the world your story and engage with your target audience. To craft an effective content marketing strategy, you need to get creative. When I say that, I mean, to create content that your audience is going to tell their friends about.

To make that happen, focus on providing value-added content and eventually become the best credible source in a particular niche. Valued-added content is any unique, original, or exclusive content your audience cannot get anywhere else. It can be everything from video content, case studies, and promotional offers to blog posts, guest posts, and infographics. The actual value you provide won’t be only rewarded by your audience but also by Google. Moreover, through the content, you create a two-way communication. Keep the audience as engaged as possible and the results will be impressive.

2. Build an exclusive community

I believe that most of you have heard about the Yelp Elite Squad. The program allows people to be recognized as ‘Elite’ and offers various perks, including exclusive invites to events to the active community members. The concept of merging branding with the community has proved to be a great hit and I highly recommend startups to take the plunge and start building their own exclusive community.

To start off, do research to see what are the values that all your customers have in common and how it all relates to your brand. Take Adeva for example, a talent marketplace for remote developers. They build an exclusive network of developers with the vision to bring equal opportunities to everyone who’s been caught in the trap of being a second-rate citizen in the software world. What is it that your customers/collaborators care about the most? Are they eco-activists or startups and tech enthusiasts? Whatever the answer is, by bringing them together in an exclusive community you’ll bring your brand closer.

3. Challenge your customers

From organizing contests and games to doing giveaways, there are many ways to challenge your target audience. However, as a startup, you always need to go the extra mile and come up with something more innovative and of value.

Speaking so, instead of doing just another giveaway to collect extra followers on Instagram, you could do something more special, for example, ask your audience to share tips in your field of work and then include them in your blog. Or you can challenge them to start a movement. For example, if your startup is about food delivery, challenge your customers to deliver a meal to their grandparents. When they do so, they’ll think about you.

4. Give away stickers and other cool branded products

According to the Promotional Products Association International, an overwhelming majority to the extent of 83% like to receive promotional products with an advertising message. Moreover, the study found that 58% of the recipients keep the gift items with them for one to four years.

If we add to this the popularity the stickers hold among the tech enthusiasts as well as the affordability of this marketing strategy, there is no doubt that it makes it perfect for any startup to include it in the marketing mix. My suggestion here is to put the focus on the messages you want to convey and the design of the branded material, not the logo. Nobody wants to cover their laptop with your company’s logo, especially if you are not famous yet. To step up the game, always follow the trends. At the time of coronavirus, for instance, you can print and deliver masks and play with your creativity to make them memorable.

5. Podcasts, Webinars, Live Streaming and other online events

The rise of online live events comes as very hands-on for all types of companies. Firstly, this strategy is achievable on a budget. Secondly, it allows you to communicate your passion in an intimate way, something that is not possible with the written word.

Furthermore, by hosting a webinar or organizing an online conference, you are not only building a reputation as a serious player but also form close relationships with future potential customers. It may seem complicated, but in reality, it’s not. Just reach out to dozens of co-founders in your niche and ask them to speak in a small online conference. While the marketing efforts will be mutual, the benefits can be considerable for each participant.

6. Explainer Video and Video Testimonials

If your company belongs to the group of innovative tech startups that are disrupting the current business models, you are probably lavished with praises about having created something that for most of us seems like rocket science. To translate your stroke of genius into a message understandable for your users in a way that will take only a couple of minutes of their time, you have the explainer video as the best possible tool. Having in mind that it will save you so much time explaining, it is always worth the investment.

While explainer videos are a must-have for startups, no video marketing strategy and no website are complete without video testimonials. Getting a credible source to vouch for your product it’s what converts the most.

7. Gamification

By adopting game elements into your engagement approach, you stand a much higher chance to stand out from the startups’ crowd. Gamification, as a method, enhances customer adoption, engagement and loyalty, and above all, makes the user experience more fun.

Take Foursquare as an example, its users earn special badges when checking in at certain locations or on specific dates. As a startup you are expected to be innovative anyways, so, while points, badges and challenges are great, you may as well think of other ways to make your customers’ journey on your website outstanding.

8. Utilise the power of Email Marketing to share knowledge and build relationships

From a marketing standpoint, building a mailing list should be one of the key priorities for startups during the early stages. If done properly, email marketing is proven to be one of the most effective marketing strategies.

By sharing high-quality copies you are a step closer to increasing your revenue. However, since our inboxes are inundated with emails, you have to find a way to attract your leads attention and keep them interested. If you manage to provide that one piece of knowledge that would help them to grow or keep motivated, they will be vigorously waiting for your next email. Including videos in your emails is always a good idea. It does not only help to build stronger relationships but can also increase your email open rate by 5x.

Finally, to achieve your goals it is not necessary to be present everywhere. All you need to do is choose the optimal marketing mix based on your resources and get the ball rolling. Remember that no matter how great your startup is, without a good marketing plan the chances that it will take off are minimal. I hope these promotional ideas will help you move forward. In case you need an extra hand to bring these strategies to fruition, we at Ignite Global Media are always here to walk with you on the journey to success. Don’t hesitate to contact us.

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