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How to Increase Event Attendance with Testimonial Videos

testimonial videos

Getting people to attend an event is the most important link in the organizing chain, so every event host comes up with different strategies to increase the attendee ratio. Therefore, the importance of testimonial videos shouldn’t be questioned when it comes to this matter.

What is a Testimonial Video for Events?

A testimonial video is all about getting your prospects to take participation in your next event, by showing what they’ve missed out by not being present on the previous one. It is a video where a client or an attendee express their experience of the event. Usually, they have only positive comments, sharing what they’ve learned, people they met. In other words, the testimonial videos show how that particular event met and/or surpassed their expectations.

Benefits and Why Use Testimonial Videos

By understanding the benefits of a video testimonial, you will have no doubts about its effectiveness and whether to incorporate it into your strategy.

  • A video testimonial drives awareness, attendance, and engagement of your target audience for the next event.
  • They establish credibility and trust because prospects can see and hear real people talking about their experiences.
  • Strengthen your connections with clients, by showing that you’re willing to document their opinion and you really value their contribution.

People are more likely to watch video testimonials of the event and ”get the feeling” than reading written letters on a piece of paper (reviews, comments). Therefore, It can be your ”ACE IN THE POCKET” when it comes to increasing the attendee ratio. Besides being a very powerful marketing tool, you can use it to announce your next event.

How to Make a Good Testimonial Video for Your Event

Now that we have your attention, here are the three most important things you need to know about making a great and effective testimonial video.

1. Who Should Be in Your Testimonial Videos?

Use testimonials from real people, including their names and pictures whenever you can. I strongly suggest taking testimonials from people that are well known in the related industry. Not only you will get a great review from a person with high authority, but also viewers will have someone they can relate to; someone they know and trust. But still, some of the best video testimonials came out of regular attendees. These are the real people and your target audience is probably one of them. Therefore, it’s up to the host to make the right decision.

Bonus tip: Strive to find an authentic and natural person for your testimonial who is not intimidated to speak in front of the camera or should I say a BORN speaker.

2. Choose the Questions Wisely

These are the main questions that you can use to create the best event testimonial video. The answers to these questions will portray your event in the best way and point out what’s important. It will tell your audience why they should attend the next event.

  • Why did you choose to attend our event in the first place?
  • Do you think the event met its goals?
  • What is your key takeaway?
  • Why is it important to attend an event like this one?
  • Are you likely to participate in one of our events in the future?
  • Is there anything you’d like to add?

3. How to Make the Video Look Professional?

In order for you to make testimonial videos and make them look professional, you need one camera, a microphone that can be lavaliere or a regular interview microphone and sometimes some basic lighting equipment. These videos are usually recorded at the event during the coffee breaks or networking sessions, so you would need to find a good place away from the crowd and noise. In that area, the additional microphone and lighting will help you eliminate the background noise and add a light to the speaker.

However, it’s always better to leave this part in the hands of a professional team. Ignite global media is a video production company that makes content with impact and has great experience producing testimonial videos. They are able to respond to the unexpected and meet tight deadlines without breaking a sweat. Contact them for additional help.

3. How to Promote Your Testimonial Videos to Reach the Desired Audience?

If not seen by many people, video testimonials do not worth a dime. Therefore you need to take advantage of as many promotional tactics as possible. Share your video in niche communities, share it on social media (Facebook, Youtube, Instagram) include it in emails, blogs, etc. And hey, don’t forget to optimize your video content.

And finally, check out one of the best video testimonial examples ever.

Given these points, there is nothing left for me to say, except if you have any questions or comments, feel free to leave them down below.

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